Yes, Finding Balance

I was told the other day
Libras are prone to artsy-fartsy stuff
Which might explain
How my music feed runs the gamut
From classical to rap,
Although the latter gets lost on me
Since auto-tune and the N-word took over.

Still, there are clues to my Netflix queue
Where serious mixes with documentaries
And occasionally hit with comedy
Just so I know that I do have a sense of humor.
Being a child of Speed Racer,
There’s even one series of anime, but it’s about Dracula,
But that’s okay, right?

Given the choice between hanging out
Or staying home and doing something with the arts
I’m pretty much keeping close to my haunts,
The most social I get being the time running with my friends,
Which has been taken away for the time being
Leaving me at the keyboard or on the screen
Contemplating a new life or wondering if coronavirus is Dracula.

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