The Sort of Trans America Trail Challenge

I enjoy goofy fitness challenges. Given the current state of the pandemic, I thought about challenging myself (and anyone who feels like joining in) to:

1. Exercise in a way that respects the prevention behaviors being sought in your community.

2. To keep a fitness mindset through all of the restrictions we are under.

3. On a personal level, keep training for a June triathlon that I’m guessing will be postponed. Staying goal-directed…

The Challenge

Complete exercise equivalents to equal the Trans America Bicycle Trail (4,215.2-miles).

The Equivalents

Biking and Running: Miles = Miles (Swimming will go here if we ever get that back.)
Burpees: 88 Burpees = 1-mile (It’s a made up number…) I hate burpees, so that’s why I included them.

You can come up with your own “eqs” if you would like. Remember, the challenge is to keep exercising.

How long does the challenge last?

50 days is about 85-miles/day. Your guess is as good as mine, but Im shooting for under 100-days. Start when you start. I’m getting it going 3/20/2020!

Good luck and check out the link below:

TransAmerica Trail Info

Be mindful of your health and fitness before starting this. Make sure you are healthy enough for the activity you choose to do.

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