The First Tuesday of the Shutdown

A random collection,
Songs, not people,
We aren’t supposed to gather,
Social distancing and all,
No this is a random collection of songs
Courtesy of some algorithm
As part of a music streaming service
That thinks I want to listen to
Blues from Lincoln Center,
Norah Jones, and Wilson Pickett.

I didn’t think I did,
But damned if I’m not enjoying this,
Soulful, and as I write
Jerry Garcia is doing that Jerry thing
Through my old headphone jack headphones
That is letting me stay free of the social distraction
Talking, paying attention to the news, and
Discussions about the efficacy of school
During these times of viral loads and
Simple hygienic practices.

Way to go Spotify,
I’m digging this collection,
Only I’m a bit worried that I might be a shallow dude
Not in touch with the depths of who I am,
Often settling for what is before me
Not knowing what else is in there
To charge my batteries.
To make life more flavorful,
To get by.
How is it that some damn computer program
Calculating and predicting the dopamine-producing
Musical preferences of my golden milk sipping psyche
Can do more for me than experiencing life
In such a diverse and soulful way?
Could it be that I’m lazy,
Prone to the easy way out,
Self-quarantining my adventurous side
For a subtle experience
Of crossing off the days?

Nothing like a shutdown,
To show how things are missed,
How things are wanted,
When they aren’t there anymore,
So much to do,
So many to be with,
So missed
When they are taken away.

Ah, Spotify, my imagination can’t be taken,
Thank you for tapping into it,
Bringing it alive,
I’ll get out today,
And as you have programmed,
Fitz just sang, “Today is gonna be my day.”

So it is.

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