I Know, Too Soon

Maybe now is not time to make light of health issues,
But heck, it’s crazy town out there.
Hurricanes, snowstorms, “ain’t never seen nothing like this,”
Cancellations, long lines, no toilet paper,

I wonder how Mrs. Howell and the other castaways
Stayed so fresh after all that time
Without new supplies of s#*t tickets?

But it is the craziness that has brought me calm
As the world tilts towards mayhem
And I am just finding out what stage we are in,
That we’ve been encouraged, or all things,

To wash our hands,

Which is a good thing because on this day
In which I came to my senses about working another job,
I feel in need of a cleanse
Because the bull s#*t was getting under my nails.

It’s not that I don’t respect an organizations rules
It’s just that I don’t feel like jumping through hoops
Especially, when I can’t even joke with my friends.

So bring this virus on, we may as well deal with it now,
So if it does come back in 2030, we are prepared,
Obviously, our resolve is not quite there.

At least we have toilet paper…

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