What Gym Class Can Be

It was just a moment,
A little bit of honesty
In a day filled with hypocrisy.

One where the innocence of youth
Pierced the hardened heart of experience
To bring laughter, the crying kind, out.

Thirty kids, sort of playing in gym,
One, an outcast, simply because he’s different,
A gamer, socially awkward, frustrated by everything

He put himself in the worst spot…again…
As goalie during a team handball game.
We prepared for an angry outburst, surely it would come.

It always had before.
He would yell like the other kids were game consoles,
Like the action was a video game,

But this time the shot came hard,
A big yellow sponge ball taking aim at an empty goal,
Only to be denied at the last second by the gamer kid.

He punched the ball to the side,
Assumed the ready position for a rebound shot
Which never came as the ball moved to the other end.

“What a play!” I said to my colleague
Who looked up just in time to see a Platoon Rhah-like
Chest pounding moment of masculine joy.

My guy doesn’t experience much success,
He fights the world because his world is so different
Today, though, he showed the kids he was one of them,

Playing a sport,
Making the team better,
And happy to brag of his success.

We continued to watch him
As he fake skated back and forth across the goal
In a tribute to the greatest hockey goalies.

He visualized pucks coming at him from all angles,
There were imaginary kick saves,
He was adept at using the blocker and the glove.

He was on fire,
Lit, en fuego, and for once
He seemed happy.

And we laughed,
Sharing in his moment of success from a distance,
So appreciative of his moment that we cried laughing tears.

He needed the save,
We benefited from his save,
It was great.

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