Meaningful and Fulfilling

Amazing how unwilling people are
At suffering for things like
Good nutrition,
Exercise, or
Fiscal responsibility.

Equally as amazing at how willing people are
At suffering through things like
Job dissatisfaction,
Cable television, or
Hamster wheel living.

There are a lot of people who
Are unafraid to live life
With the idea that
They are out there tempting fates, challenging themselves.

There are a lot more people
Bogged down in the acceptance that this is how it is
And it isn’t better just because of change.
They hesitate, they cower,
They wallow in submission.

How do they do it?
How do they exact a bit of influence on now?
How do the settle for this is as good as it gets.
How do they generate that energy to go?
How do I find clarity?

Things are feeling like I’m strapped in a straight jacket.
I can’t move, breath, or even solve a mini-crossword puzzle,
The restriction is getting into my soul
With disappointment and hope for a better professional life
Just out of reach from bound arms.

Others have the answers,
Just no one I know,
They are the ones telling me to chill,
To slow down,
That the grass is greener where I am.

But I’m drawn to the dreamers,
The doers who say this way does not have to be my reality,
That now can be whatever I make it
And then I realize,
I need to listen to myself.

There are people out there who know,
I’ve heard them speak,
I’ve talked to them over swill at the table,
They are different, they come from different fields,
I should listen to them, too.

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