With the Highest Appreciation (Thank you.)

So, I got in my car
Just as Tom Morello was shredding
His guitar on Bruce’s “Tom Joad,”
Which was good and bad, for my
Creative juices were flowing
After a fine meeting with some local writers
Who made an earlier conversation with my
Meathead friends I teach with, well
Not meatheads like Vinny Barbarino,
But we like to keep things pretty stereotypical in the gym,
After all, we are gym teachers,
However, they all know about my clandestine creative goings
And were wondering what I was doing tonight,
“Going to find my creative nerd side,” I joked.

Once I arrived at the new, old bookstore,
I knew I was not prepared
To even follow breadcrumbs for the creative nerd
I have so longed to become.
I knew nothing of most of the authors they spoke of,
My latest book is digital and read by the author,
Binky Barnes is kind of a hero of mine;
What impressed me, though, was the comfort the group had,
An appreciation for the process,
Not competitive, something I repress, but also fall prey to,
No, these folks are appreciative and welcoming,
Of thought, opinion, and status.
We should all be so “nerdy.”
I’ve got a long way to go.

The last year has seen a great deal of change,
A softening, greater vision,
My gym teacher friends continue to keep me sane,
Their banter filling that part of me needing
To be on the edge of hashtag mayhem.
Fitness friends inspire me to “stick with the plan, dumbass,”
As I return to a happier and more competitive place with exercise.
Some much for repression… Now, maybe, this new group,
Will unlock those doors only creatives seem to see,
The ones leading to unrestrained ideas
Somehow crafted into beautifully constrained pieces.
I’m excited by the prospects,
Absorbing the good vibe, and
Proud to be in touch with my nerdy, albeit, newbie way.

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