Eleven More Whatever It Takes

I’m fearing for my life,
There is a pounding in my chest,
A gauntlet has been thrown, and
I’ve not been one to back down,

At least lately.

It seems that the demonic one
Felt insulted by a lesser spirit,
Now the wrath will be splashed
On us all,

At least so it was written.

Look, swimming is hard enough.
Holding my breath is fun, but it hurts.
Treading water for several minutes?
It’s not easy.

So I will sleep in fear.

Dreams of underwater dumbbell rows,
That one were we sort of float with our feet up,
Abs with our feet out of the pool, and
Who knows how many laps.


Be easy on the quiet ones,
We do not deserve a mortal’s beatdown
Due to the shade thrown your way.
We are meek, docile, and appreciative.

[Doubtful that the plea will help.]

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