Golden milk,
It’s not really milk,
Just super hot water,
With pepper,
Honey, and tonight,
Which I never spell correctly,
One “n” and two “m’s,”
But it still tastes good.

This day with all of its
High school drama,
Career uncertainty,
Nutritional restrictions,
Napping while leaning on my
Equally zoned out pit bull, two
Crashes on the rollers, and
One boiling shower
As I get used to the new
Hot water settings,
Sure needed a tasty wind-down drink.

Since I’m boycotting alcohol,
Whiskey and beer having become
Things of my past,
At least it seems that way,
Another two months down
After six without,
The holiday parties allowed an indulgence,
Although, I just could have gone without then as well.
Clean living, that’s all it’s about,
More fruits and vegetables,
Less boxed or take out stuff,
Right now, it’s the thing to do,
And that damn pet pig a guy has
Sure put a hurting on my meat cravings.

Which brings me back to the golden milk,
A recipe I saw on YouTube seemed simple enough.
The spices get in my head and soothe my nerves,
The bite on my tongue just enough to stir me up,
But not so forceful as to hurt.
I’m sipping tonight,
Letting the spicy elixir work its magic.
When I’m done, I think I’ll lean to the right and
Use Einstein as a pillow again.
Tomorrow is a big day.

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