9:27 Some Days Are Better Than Others [not right now…]

It’s dark in my office,
Dark on the other side
Of the glass wall,
Dark with rain falling on the other side
Of the brick wall,

I’m sitting in a haze,
A metaphorical contact buzz
After teaching a couple of marijuana lessons.
All I want to do is sit here in the dark
Listening to simple songs
Popular on XPN more than a decade ago.

It’s not dark in my head,
Tired, not high, just worn from the routine
Cool air blows from a fan on my left
And I am realizing that my toe is tapping,
My head is bobbing, and
I’m easing into a brighter place.

Maybe it’s the sleep last night,
The kind of knocked out, deep slumber
A body needs from time to time.
Maybe it’s the caffeine from this morning
The darkest roast I can stomach
With the lightest inspiration, it can manifest.

I don’t know,
But sitting here in the dark,
With the fan, the easy tunes,
And the flossing they are all doing on my brain
Is making for a most peaceful thirty minutes.

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