What’s Going On

What’s going on?

Nobody can dispel with the doubt
Of whether or not to vote him out.

While they continue to debate his menace
I’ve switched over to watch tennis.

Thank goodness it is on
Otherwise television might be gone

Off to the YMCA for a swim
Where I work hard to get fit and trip

But I’d better pack a snack
Because earlier the GNC kid nearly had a panic attack

When I asked if they sold any energy gels
Something he didn’t know to well

Explaining before the conversation went to far
That, “I have no idea what they are.”

So when I do make it back to the pool
There’d better be some electrolytes in my drool

Because the only nourishment I’ll be getting for my brain
Is from the rooftop patter of heavy rain

Mixing with the over done tennis grunting
And mind distracting political shunting

Keeping me from realizing how tiring life has become
As they work to get rid of this bum.

Really, what’s going on?

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