Get Er Done

Somebody asked me today
How I get it all done,
I’d never been asked that before,
Because the person I run closest with
Does way more in a day than I can.
Come to think of it,
I know a lot of people who get quite a bit done.

So, after a long and sort of eventful day,
I’ve plugged in
Some kind of like noise-canceling headphones,
Turned off the television, and committed
To trying to figure out the madness of today.

It started yesterday,
When I ate what may have been the largest sweet potato,
Sharing some with my dog,
Both of us waiting for the behemoth to pass.
Mine hit a few minutes after the heated seat in my truck
Took the bite of the cold from my arse and
Just a scant few minutes before I had to officially commit
To a short run and boot camp workout in the pool.
Heavy is a balloon knot holding back gravity
Like some levee on the Mississippi.

After the run,
Off to the pool.
I’m not much of a student,
So flailing around in the water goes against my grain,
But my friends were going to be working out and
I needed a break from the routine of training.
How is it that I’m scared to jump off the deck?
I’ve been hogtied Seal style and forced to survive for extended periods
(Who said gym teachers don’t take tough classes),
But that was yoga compared to jumping off a deck.
I lived to tell about the class
And stayed hungry all day.

Six-hours, that’s all I have to say about that.
A ride to an away basketball game,
Again, nothing to add except,
The sound of babies crying does not help
Anxiety from losing go away.
I’m talking a real baby crying, literally,
My guys played tough and nothing to be ashamed of.

It’s about 7:15,
My lunch is made,
Einstein the pit bull is curled in a ball, giving
Off the greatest heat, and
I’m debating whether to run inside or outside tomorrow
When the temperature
Might wreak havoc on my nickname namesake,
So I guess you could say I have shrinking interest
In being that cold in the morning.

There isn’t really that much here,
Just a day.
The next one starts at four,
Wonder what gets done then.

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