Might As Well Get Something With That High Priced Coffee

They walked into the coffee shop
More zombie than human.
They shuffled past all the people,
More invisible than seen.

At least that’s what they were going for.

They ordered online,
Far from the bustle of those waiting in line.
They wanted nothing of the crowd,
All jonesing for the same product.

Coffee, duh.

They grabbed their drinks,
Not so much as a hello,
They sprinted from the store,
Never offering a thank you.

Assholes, hmmm.

The point of a coffee shop is two parts,
Coffee and conversation,
Some sort of human interaction,
Whether or not a person stays or not.

Put the phones away, yo.

Sit down, chat awhile,
Be more human, less zombie,
Shuffle in and become a part of the community,
Zap the apps… Talk to people.

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