Annuals, fiscal years, resolutions,
I’m done with those,
Sort of,
I’m starting my own calendar year
December 1st to November 31st.

I know, November only has thirty official days,
But this is my calendar, so 11/31 has a square,
I just don’t count it,
It’s there for wiggle room
Should I need an extra day of rest or something.

About this new year, why?
I don’t know, I figure there is no reason to wait
Until I’m 70 or 80 to start claiming
“I’ve earned it,” whenever I do something
Particular to me.

Those ages are too far off
And I reason that if we can have kindergarten graduations
Why not change the calendar up a bit
In a way that suits

Selfish? Okay.
All I’m really doing to taking advantage of the soulful rhythms
I’m feeling.
It’s arbitrary, self-centered, and safe
For I’m not forcing anyone into some pagan sun-worshipping.

I just want my goals to start today,
When the energy is right,
Motivation is high.
So this year is the year I get better at a lot of shit.
Starting today…

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