For a couple of days
I’ve been preparing to write
About me.
The same old subject,
Facing challenges,
Trying to hold back time,
Getting at the efforts
Required to make it.

For a couple of days
I’ve been waiting to watch
An old Dave Matthews video.
The same old Dave, I figured,
Getting on stage,
Holding court,
Getting at the music
Required of him to make it.

For a few minutes,
I’ve been in awe,
Close to tears
For throughout that movie
Connections have happened,
Millers, Charlottesville,
The white haired guy from Williamsburg,
Old Dominion, it’s all there.

Except in those last few seconds
I realized how little I’m doing.
Sure plenty for myself, but
Giving in to the ease of being me,
Pulling shade over the efforts I know are best.
My friend told me DMB dudes are “good people,”
As far as I can tell, he’s right,
Perhaps this is a new direction.

How can we take schools to better places?
How do we focus on everyone instead of focus groups?
When do we understand that what is good for our kids
Is good for all kids?
When do I find my groove?
Maybe tonight was the beginning…

1 Comment

  1. I’m sure you’re not the only one that has these feelings. The problems are that there are so many “studies” that say “this” is the best way and “that” is an even better way and if we do “this” everyone will benefit. Nothing is simple, because everything is so complicated. Brain science, emotional support, learning support, general ed, honors ed, etc. The profession is a challenge, especially for those that want to make a profound difference and not just go through the motions.

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