Homemade Altars

Sacred idols bought at dime-store prices
Mean just as much
As the ones found on a mountain or
Buried in the sand.
Eons do not make meaning,
Guts do,
Reflection does.
Power to change, to be inspired,
To get on with life in a positive way
Rests within,
The external symbols bringing little to our games
Unless a mountain was climbed or
Sands were traversed
To understand their meaning.

Get going.


  1. Will do, but I don’t have your number or email. Lost everybody’s in an update. I’m on it Thursday. Won’t pub until I get the digits… As for now, I’m figuring out the many ways to Philly.

  2. but can you write a poem using 3 familiar phrases old friend…
    -three cheese sandwich
    -up rope
    -where’s pete?

    Get going…

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