Come On, PEOPLE!

Music can inspire.
Where are the musicians?

Art can inspire.
Where are the artists?

Actors, writers,
Where are you now?

Poets with voices,
Where am I now?

I’m at a loss,
Unsure how to proceed.

The tanned one in DC
Has destroyed the norm.

He’s gone Friedman on us
Creating chaos on every front.

Only this time we cannot rely
On the Government for help.

They are the threat,
At least one shade of it.

And the creatives just exist,
No big protests, no angry songs, only silence.

Well, eff that,
I hate where we are as a country.

Mass shootings, bi-polar politics,
Race baiting leaders, sanctioned kidnappings.

All under the guise,
That the tanned one is looking out for us.

He’s not, he’s about him,
He’s about his uninterested vision of anything Red, White, and Blue.

No, he’s only concerned with green and white,
Which should concern us all.

Come on artists, musicians, use your platforms,
We live in a time at least as bad as the Sixties.

Protest was alive, the country was more important,
More important than what, an effing spray tan.

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