49, 48, 47…

School had been over for about a week,
My legs hurt,
My body was tired,
An ankle was acting up,
My mind was tired,
I needed a break.

Along came a vacation,
Which, technically, I was already on,
But this was one that was away from home,
Off in an exotic location,
With none of the trappings
That were chipping away at my psyche.

I ran more,
I swam more,
I rode more,
I worked out more
I drank more and probably ate more, too.

My legs felt better,
My body didn’t feel tired,
My ankle quit hurting,
My mind was fresh,
I was living in a perfect space
Free from whatever was causing the tension.

I’ve been home a little more than twenty-four hours,
I’ve exercised three times,
Gotten a full night of sleep,
Stayed away from the booze,
Rearranged my basement and cleared out
Some unnecessary stuff.

My ankle is talking shit again.
My legs want nothing to do with movement.
My shoulder has that old trendy fitness pain.
I’m having a hard time concentrating.
The general tightness is returning and
I’ve still got three more weeks of summer vacation left.

What could be the issue?
Mouth breathing?
Who knows.

I miss those lazy days at the beach.
Carrying that damn palace of a canopy was a chore.
I miss waking up at the crack
To go run or ride all alone.
I miss hanging on the deck
Laughing with my family about all sorts of nonsense.

Soon school will start.
The mornings will go dark again.
I’ll spend my days without any sunlight.
Maybe I’ll find a way to be one of those super teachers,
I will be counting down the weeks until SIC,
Forty-nine and counting.

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