Just Ranting

I hate hypocrisy, moral justifications, and social pleasantries
For each is dishonest in its way.

Why are people so phony?

Why do people try to excuse their behaviors as being good despite calling out People who do the same thing?

Why can’t a person say “No” to an invitation?

The reason why is because we are a pussy culture that prides itself on Appearance rather than honesty, the gospel, or plain old authenticity.

We primp, we prance, and we dance all about so that others can see us “at out best,” but in the end, all the sacrifice and accommodation does nothing but make us someone who is not true to the most important person…ourselves.

I say be done with the bullshit.

If I don’t want to be your best man or attend some function, so be it.
You’ll have fun without me and I’m okay with that.

If others cannot be courteous, eff them.

If others have to bend everyone else to their way, eff them, too.

And if that is me in this post, then eff me, too.

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