Adam, Eve, the snake,
Not things I normally associate
With running at the crack of dawn,
But my exercise partners have a way
Of making the unexpected
Come to life.

Okay, not so much Adam and Eve,
The biblical reference fit, but
Snakes, it had to be about snakes this morning,
For the record, I hate snakes,
So much so that I blasted a copperhead and black snake
With my trusty twenty-gauge back in the day.

There was talk of…
King Cobras killed by shovel stabbing grandmas,
Pythons wrapped around drive trains at Granite Run Mall,
Pet snakes stepping off the bar tour and getting all baked,
Costa Rican hombres doing naked yoga…downward facing dong?,
A licking or maybe it was sucking of the oil off a dipstick.

Certainly, the conversation was appropriate,
There were also ample opportunities for inappropriate as well.
That’s why I like this group,
Flexible, fertile, a frolicking sort,
Coffee drinkers, beer drinkers, maybe “drinkers” is the best term.
Oh, and we run, too.

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