A Jersey Girl?

Funny how little we know about people
Including family who have their secrets
Or maybe things they never told us,
Maybe even things they forgot.

Got to hang out with my grandmother today,
She’s 97 and when I got to her house,
She was all dolled up,
Makeup done, dressed up,
Hair styled as always.

Her lip was puffy from a trip to the dentist,
Her back a lot crooked from life
One that I was about to learn answered questions
That like her, I had forgotten to ask.

My grandmother is a Jersey girl,
Whatever that means, she qualifies as a Jersey girl,
I shared that I was heading to the Shore,
She lit up and talked with clarity about her youth
Going to Asbury Park and Atlantic City for the sand and surf.

She had that look of youth, one that I don’t get to see too often
Because her time has been hard and avoidance is her superpower,
Married to an alcoholic, also a second marriage
Full of its share of difficult elements

But she cleans up good, always has,
She hangs in any social setting, serious, light, political, all of them.
Learning she is Jersey stock makes so much sense,
Stereotypes apply, but she’s no housewife,
She’s tough without the hype, just the right amount for a grandmother.

Jersey girl that she is…


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