The Misquantification of Life

People talk about math as
The universal language.
They point to improvement based
On metrics like speed, WAR, or test scores.

Call me old, fifties,
Call me oppositional, eff you,
But I just don’t see math
In those terms.

Life is not quantifiable,
Life is not boiled down to some metric,
Life isn’t a percentage based exercise,
Life is what you make of it.

Look, age is creeping in,
Some of what I could do at thirty
I don’t try anymore…basketball.
I just can’t get up and down the floor anymore.

Other stuff, though,
I can do those things just fine, yes, really.
I don’t need numbers to figure that shit out.
Jump, don’t jump. Moves, all in…

I’m just sick of sports becoming
A white coat wearing slide rule sliding
Graphing calculator clearing
Lab for the people who could never play.

I’m sick of my job being boiled down
To a GPA instead of intestinal fortitude,
Resilience, and hard work.
Tell that to the pipers, parents, principals, and politicians.

In fact, I’m calling me out,
I might just go play some basketball,
I’m perfect for the game since I can just stand in the corner
And wait to shoot the three.

As for the other life things limited by age,
I’m a doctor of sorts, robes neatly folded downstairs,
I have access to the dementia of a friend, and
That’s all I have to say about that.

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