Things I Heard This Week (It’s Only Tuesday)

A question to my colleague,

“Mrs. _____, I looked in your office,
I can’t find any pads. Do you have any pads?”

That one was yelled across a crowded gymnasium
With all the annoyance, attention seeking, and
Absolute disregard for school,
That I hope you read it with.


Two boys were slamming into each other.

Me, “What’s wrong with them?”
An In-the-Transgender-Process Person said,
“Testosterone. Well, too much test anyway.”

Funny, especially since it was uttered by a
Gaining of testosterone switcherooer.

I’ve been at this too long,
Maybe it’s just this year,
Maybe I’m getting too long in the years.
I’m turning into one of those people
Who isn’t phased by the drama,
The hyperbole, the disdain for proper
Social conventions.
I don’t know what’s what
And I’m defaulting to
“I don’t care, anymore.”
Normally, kids can’t phase me,
These two struck whatever gets struck
When an eyebrow goes up.

I don’t care what gender a person wants to be.
That’s not part of my kingdom,
Just don’t hurt anyone and we’re cool.
I do, however, feel immense confusion about
How I should be around those who are changing,
It’s really just clumsy grammar,
New realities need new words, new phrases,
New ways of expression.
That will take time.

As for the other comment,
Straight up rudeness and lack of couth,
Dare I say, “Bad raising…”
Hey, we get the uncomfortableness of that time,
Get help, come prepared, whatever, but
I don’t think it’s necessary
To make a public plea of that type.

This morning proved especially tough for me
End of story,
“Tough” could be anything.
No need to be so attention seeking.
Nobody knows “tough.”
Some things are better kept in private, yes?

What if I just wore headphones
For the rest of this week?

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