I’ve been watching badminton,
The ecstasy of sports,
Not really,
I’m a gym teacher,
And any time I can get kids to do anything
It’s awesome,
But this day has been something else,
The highs…

Working out with my mates,

The mediums

Running into family in an awkward encounter,

The lows,

Watching badminton.

When will I let go,
When do I have to,
Why should I?

Truth is, I prefer my friends,
They are cool,
Unattached, free of life’s burdens,
Not needing of choice.
They are them.
My peeps.

I know them,
The traveler, full of sarcasm,
The HR lady, full of complimentary comments,
The “Satanic” one, full of humor and honesty.

I don’t know others,
I’m not sure I want to,
My limits are clear,
My allegiances, too.

Whether it be barbells and running or
Kool Aid drinks and conversations
I want to be honest.
Badminton is on.

That’s it.
I don’t need much else,
Four AM? Good.
Four thirty PM? Not as good.

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