Seventeen to Go

Hey, what’s wrong with being a rebel’s rebel?
Isn’t there a song about them,
The extra rebellious ones.

Those who flaunt convention,
Taking the mundaneness out of life,
Daring to be different.

I know more than a few early risers
Who fit the description,
Runners, professionals, high-minded parents…

I’m running with that crew,
Literally and figuratively, a bunch who go hard,
Laugh hard, and who are living as if Chuck Norris was closing in.

It’s a crack up, the quick banter,
The sincere support, the only expectations,
Be yourself and be kind; refreshing in its rebelliousness, huh?

I know a lot of others,
Few who meet the criteria of being a rebel,
Still, fewer who are rebel’s rebels.

Having survived winter with this crew and
With the holy weeks of summer approaching,
I can’t wait to see how the rebellious ones take on the heat.

My guess is with the same disdain for norms,
Rejection of excuses, and a love of the post workout life
That percolates in this group.

So I say, “Bring it on, the limitless madness of
Soul taking, ass-kicking, and a mockery of convention all
Rebel’s rebels crave. Game on, y’all.

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