How ‘Bout Dem Geese?

This morning was crystal clear for me,
Go to the Y, go in the Y, sit at the table,
And drink coffee while writing.

I wore trail shoes, no compression shorts,
A heavy baseball cap, and an energy
Better suited for dangling modifiers than hill repeats.

Unfortunately, I made a travel miscalculation
Arriving at the Y before the morning runners had left,
I became a dutiful sheeple and headed out with them.

There was the usual banter,
The steepness of Sickle was the same,
All in all the run was great.

With plenty of time to kill before work
I committed to the computer for some writing,
When I got hit with a severe storm of questioning.

An older head than me began his morning inquisition,
He started with the front desk attendant,
Trying to figure out schedules from months before.

Then he turned to me,
Asking who invented mayonnaise, a coincidence
Maybe of the cosmic variety given my current motivational quote.

It goes something about Pittsburgh not smelling like mayo,
But I had no idea who invented to sandwich spread,
I answered, “No,” and buried my head behind the computer screen.

“How ‘bout dem geese?”

His question threw me off,
Geese? What geese? Where are the geese?
No, I’m not sure which ones are male or female.

He kept talking, I kept writing.
Eventually, I put the screen down,
His tales and wonder being more interesting than my writing.

I’m sure I’m better for listening,
My man is conversational every morning
With anyone who will listen. He needs to talk. I need to listen more.

Being able to let go of my ego,
That one nicknamed, “Peacock,” all those years ago
Could use a little selflessness more than every so often.

So on this day of the last run,
The karma gods, I know that’s not exactly right,
Reached into my soul and unlocked some more compassion.

By the way,
Male and female geese look alike, bigger equals male,
We looked it up…

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