Seven Tomorrow

I can be an obnoxious sort,
It’s more about having fun than anything.
I joke, cajole, and occasionally rip at someone’s heart,
But I don’t mean anything by it.

Like this one for my friends,
The alarm went off today,
I heard it, I acknowledged it, and I turned it off.
The covers got readjusted and back to sleep, I went.

They were better for waking,
Running, swimming, battling lifeguards,
I was lazy, weak, and proving to have little mettle,
But I was warm.

Sure, it’s tough this week,
Practice today, 10-12,
Then I’ll come home,
Lounge through lunch, nap in the afternoon.

That’s the price I pay for choosing teaching
Over sales, HR, and corporate fitness,
Three careers where spring breaks are not a thing,
But for the daycare issues, it creates.

I hope work goes well today,
This little jab was fun, maybe even obnoxious,
Please take it the right way,
See you tomorrow for seven…maybe…

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