Are You Directing Traffic?

The only people rising earlier than our running group
Are the first time moms
Who are unimpressed by the idea of a
Quick lube and mattress shop, but totally excited by the idea of child care at the Y and
Concert goers looking for organically inspired dreams or premium seating.

These groups get brought up because of their insistence, their persistence, and their downright bulls eye attraction for ridicule and shaming.

Which means, of course, that I am feeling mean about the folks
So caught up in the rat race or
So detached from dealing with reality
That they hovel for someone to take care of the children
While completely unaware that they could afford to do it themselves
If only they sought a little less of the material,
If they just put down the phones,
Walked instead of Facebooked, or

Reassessed what is important.

As for the others, the ones looking to distance themselves from the present,
To find those Alice moments where cheshire could mean feline or pox.
(Too deep?)
I’m thinking all of that augmented reality searching
Makes for distraction,
But how does it help?
Fun, relaxing, enlightening,
Yep, been there,
But right now, these already made up, yoga pants with down coat wearing,
Gotta get my kid everything kind of moms,
Are making the stereotypes about them come to life.

So it is a five in the morning.

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