Paper Cups of Coffee

This morning I heard a story,
One nearly incomprehensible in its audacity.

A man, a runner,
Who has seemed like the wind to me,
Once weighed as much as a heavy weight boxer.

Get the eff out of here,
Too good to be true.

Yet, this man,
Who runs silently with a caterpillar drive,
Is just that…truth.

After his reclamation tale,
I heard another quote,
“There goes the best part of this day.”

The tone was just as truthful,
More dour,
Something of a daily prediction.

Each persoon nodded,
Understanding that work was calling,
And the voluntary servitude we lead was about to start.

We rose,
Peeling our sweaty bodies away from the wooden chairs
To clean up and get back to business.

Corporate types, stay at home moms
Security experts, recent retirees, and a
Couple of educators.

I fit in the last group and
Spent my day wondering
Who was hocking loogies on the gym floor,

Then hoping kids could see beyond sonnets
And understand that there was plenty to learn from
Romeo and Juliet, if only their minds and hearts were open,

Conflict resolution,
Unhealthy relationship, and
Decision making strategies to name a few.

They didn’t buy it,
Their phones were a greater attraction and career molasses
Kept my Obama-era hope trapped within my heart.

Thank goodness for the running,
An hour of bliss with people who get it,

There is more to us than work,
Schedules, appointments, conferences,
Varsity sports, or whatever we are supposed to be enamored with.

It’s just so refreshing
To be around inspiration, positivity, and
A bunch of others who know when the best times are.

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