Fun @ 5

Life’s curves
Sure straighten out
On Fridays.
Nothing like laughter,
Tacos, or talk of
Cool ass jackets
To start the weekend.
Maybe it’s just me,
But this whole rat race mentality
Is for the birds.
A friend is dealing
With a relative’s dementia,
Another wrestles with career changes, and one I know is dealing
With a parent’s death.

Rat effing race.
Life’s curves…

So bring me more laughter,
Tacos, too, 🌮.
I’ll pass on the jacket,
Although, it adds to the sandbox fashion,
Truth is, I’m sick of the routine,
Not that part where
I’m joking with my friends
After a sweaty morning
Right before the Saturday
When the devilish one will sleep late
The A-lister will shine early, and the
Fashionista will keep us all together and BS free.

Straight fastballs, this crew.
Love it.

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