Perspectives: 328/365

Riley Parsons (Local Reporter)

Tonight in Taylorville
The protesting parents met,
On one side the Eight Bars parents
Who started a protest against the quality
Of the coaches at Taylorville High School.
Their goal was to have funding for sports dropped
And then re-appropriated for music education.
It seemed to many to be a rip off your nose to spite your face protest.

To combat the Eight Bars parents,
Another group, calling themselves the Music Friends of Sports,
Called for the school district to hold the line on funding
Thereby keeping the sports and music budgets intact.
In a bizarre turn, the Taylorville superintendent, Ralph Higgonbothem,
Suspended funding for the sports teams
Until the parents could work out their differences.

The meeting did not go as planned,
Unconfirmed reports have the two groups splintering
More forcefully than before.
One anonymous source is claiming
That the district will lose standing in the state’s athletic association.
Another added, “The district will be cool with that,
Then they can turn the money saved into bonuses for administrators.”

There doesn’t seem to be an end in sight for this conflict.

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