Perspectives: 169/365

Meg Nichols (Art Teacher)

Whoever is doing this,
Has art down,
She, at least I’m leaning towards a her,
Understands that artists set moods,
That art challenges authority,
Making a mockery of pomposity,
And by just flat out calling shit out.
Choosing mushroom houses for her canvases
Makes sense given the constitution of the compost.

I see clues suggesting it’s one of my students
Who is responsible for the protest pieces,
Little hints the artist is dropping
That suggest who she might be, like that
One of the kids
With sports uniforms and musical instruments
Delivering tampons for charity,
It came out at the end of our school’s
Tampon drive. That’s a sure clue that it’s one of our students.

But what did that piece say about the situation?
Maybe that the whole thing is a mess,
That these kids on the vacuous mushroom house walls
Should be playing, practicing, or
That nothing can hold them back,
That they are more than athletes or musicians, oh
I don’t know, but I’d like to ask her.

Or him?

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