Perspectives: 116/365

Brandi Rooney (Soccer Coach)

I make about $4,000 before taxes
To coach a team for around fourteen weeks,
But they want a year-round coach,
Meaning they don’t want to pay
For the rest of the year.

The girls don’t want a year-round program,
They want to travel, they want to hang out, a
They want to be kids,
Not hopefuls and hangers-on
For the promise of scholarships.
Truth is, there are very few of those given out
Because it takes a lot of talent and even harder work to be offered a college dream.

Sometimes I wonder when I’m coaching,
And the girls are talking about Fortnite
Or the latest gossip making the social media rounds,
If my love of soccer is worth $4,000.
This fight about how good we are as coaches
Takes a lot of responsibility off the girls.
Parents, too… At what cost?…



*This post got lost in the shuffle of a real-life baseball playoff run… Sorry to backtrack…

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