To Grandma’s House?

Sometimes it’s hard to capture a moment, but I hope your office conversations carry the same weight as the one we had the other day. This conversation might prove that five semi-educated dudes can be separated by a common language.

Jeff: Some people can’t even get out of their house for drinks.

Sean: I know, but it was too late and I was really tired. Three days of moving.

Jeff: I could have come over. Where do you live, again?

Sean: The Links.

Jeff: What part? Aren’t there many parts? I mean if you go in off Chandler’s Mill, there’s one section. Then again, you could come down 7 and turn at the golf course. How do you get there from school?

Sean: I turn left out of school, go to the T and make a right. Then I follow it around to the golf course, make another right, kind of follow the circle around, and my house is almost at the bottom of the hill.

Chris: Why don’t you go Hillendale?

Sean: I didn’t know I could.

Tom: Yeah, right on Hillendale, left on Sharp, left on Bucktoe, and a quick right up to your neighborhood.

Sean: Oh, that’s where that road goes. I’ll have to try it. I’m still learning the back ways.

Jeff: Wait, though. Doesn’t Kathy live over there? No, she’s in that other neighborhood. So if you went the clubhouse way, you can’t really go straight there or else you are in a parking lot, right?

Sean: Yeah, the road kind of veers to the left.

Jeff: No, it’s left from Delaware, but right from Pennsylvania. You get to the tee box and then you have to follow along the fairway for awhile before you can turn.

Sean: Okay, whatever you say.

Jeff: Is it a par-4 or a par-3? You know what I’m talking about. The hole ends and there is a T there. You have to go left to get around the next hole, don’t you? Have you ever played there?

Sean: No, so I don’t know if it’s a 3 or a 4. Let me help you. You go into the clubhouse and buy a Polo. When you leave the parking lot, which way do you turn?

Jeff: It depends on which way I want to go. Left to Rt. 7, right along that hole, I think it’s a par 4, but the last time I was there the tees were up and it played like a long three. Tom, you remember.

Tom: I wasn’t there, but this map on my phone says there are like four sections to your neighborhood. That’s a lot of houses.

Sean: Yeah.

Chris: What does the Polo shirt have to do with this whole thing?

Sean: I don’t know. I was trying to help him visualize the layout of the course.

Jeff: Visualize, you should have seen the ball I hit that day. I nearly eagled it. The ball flew over the trap. You know the one just short of the green.


Tom: I think Chandler’s Mill might be your best bet. Fewer turns.

Chris: That’s the way I go. My kid’s friend lives at the top of the hill. Close to the tennis courts.

Sean: No, that’s the other section.

Chris: I know, but it’s in the area.

Sean: True.

Jeff: So when are we all coming over.

Joe: Yeah, and when we come are we allowed to wear our soft spikes.

Sean: Sure, if you have chocolate and marshmallows.

Tom: And brisket…

Jeff: Are you sure you go left at 7?

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