Jason and an Awegernaught

I watch a lot of Jason Silva videos on YouTube. Silva talks on a plane that is different than most of my regular conversations. The video today was about making sure that we stay connected to our ability to experience “Awe,” but he concedes that it is difficult to do with our minds that are bound by routine, encased in judgment, and generally overloaded at every turn.

I agree with him, but I often don’t, too. As I reflected on this Saturday, I tried to see what moments of awe occurred in my routine, overloaded, judgmental existence.

1. How does my dog know what time it is? Everyday at 5:45, his cold, wet nose bangs into my stuffed up, down for the count nose. It’s all good, though, there’s no annoying ringtone to shock me out of my sleep.

2. Has society taken the awe from education? Breakfast with a teacher friend had me thinking that we have forgotten that school is supposed to be about developing a knowledge that is available to a person when they need it. John Dewey wrote that quite a long time ago, but I think education has become about developing knowledge for now, a disposable, temporary thing, and not in a ready to use sense. That’s “awful” to me.

3. Does serpantine rock have some sort of restorative power? The pool that I go to is in an old quarry where serpentine rock was mined. The quarry is quiet for a pool, the mood is chill, and I leave there peaceful and exhausted. Today, my wife had to wake me as I broke the stillness of the vibe with some afternoon snoring. Falling asleep next to the crystal clear water is like falling asleep on the subway, but without the jostling, the forced public touching, and the pee smell circa 1985. My pool experience is none of that, more Walden…

4. Do I need sunblock if I’m sleeping under an umbrella? Light fascinates me. The way it bends, the way it pulls out the anxiety, the way it promotes good… Too bad it burns too.

5. Were the 80s all that bad? I listened to a long and intellectual dissection of the staying power of the song “Africa” by Toto. I’ll admit to owning a few Toto CDs because…I liked them. Sorry to the haters, but if people are still sampling and covering the song, there must be something great to it. Additionally, Cobra Kai has added to the myth of The Karate Kid. What if Daniel was the bully that YouTube suggested he was? Could he have ruined Johnny’s life? Am I going to have to get YouTube Red to find out? Maybe…

6. Finally, given the musical influence I’ve been under lately, I took a suggestion to check out Roxy Music. I’m not sure where I was when they were around, probably in Boston, Asia, Alabama, or caught up in a reggae phase, but I’m digging their music.

There you go Jason Silva, that was my day. I had never experienced this day before and it was good.

No, it was awesome.

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  1. Chris, your day sounds like it was awesome. Great alarm, great dog! I’m glad you had a chance to listen to Roxy Music, and it was okay. Have a super evening and a good Sunday.
    ~ Mia

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