Perspectives: 152/365

Horace Taylor (Florist, Music Friends of Sports Parent)

What is it about education?
Why can’t they hurry up and make a decision?
Keep sports, keep music, or
Get rid of them both,
I don’t care,
But do it quickly because
I don’t want to get caught in the middle.

My daughter doesn’t care, either,
I suppose I should take solace in that
Because it means she’s like me a little,
But I think she will choose one over the other
And then expect me to follow along,
Never realizing that it’s better for me
If I straddle the fence.


  1. Chris, this is brilliant! Laughing so hard, “it’s better for me if I straddle the fence”, what?! I’ve come across a few like this. What kind of example does this set for their children? ~ Mia

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