Perspectives: 146/365

Grace Watts (Teacher’s Aide, Eight Bars Mother)

I don’t know what is going on with my son,
Cole is a great baseball player,
He hit a home run on JV his sophomore year,
But his coach thinks he isn’t good enough
To get playing time on varsity. What does he know?

We put money into lessons
And those coaches think he is one of the best
Each month we talk to them,
They love us, they love Cole,
I just don’t know what is wrong.

He mopes,
He parties,
He is lazy in class,
He stopped working out,
He says his friends smoke marijuana, but he doesn’t.

This fight is about how his coach has let him down
This fight is to make sure kids have a chance.
Why is he resisting what we are trying to do
He should care more,
He should be helping us. We’ve done everything for him.


  1. Hi Chris, I think you’ve nailed this one. There is a strange disconnect between some parents and their children. This really got to me (but spot on), “We’ve done everything for him.” Enjoy your evening. ~ Mia

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