Just Saying 2018

Wallow in your offensive,
Narrowminded existence
Of judgmental thinking.

Stay in your box
Threatened by the evolution
Of words, ideas, and culture
That goes on without
Your predetermined observations
On right or wrong.

I’m am offended by you,
The very idea that your brain
Is concrete hard,
Unable to accept a force without
Cracking, without dusting up,
Without limiting the lives
Of those open to possibilities,
Those not threatened by humor,
People unafraid to admit
This life thing,
As out of control as it is,
Should be appreciated as fresh,
Expansive, and liberating when
The iron bars, small boxes, and
Barbed wire are taken
From that prison block mentality
That you wish to place
On that which offends you.

You are a roadblock
To tolerance,
You are a wen needing a popping
With your lack of laughter,
Fear of the edge, and expectation
That we all stay within the lines
Of your boring butt coloring book.

Allow people to be,
Grow a pair, or
Shut up.


  1. Chris, a powerful rant, super. “You are a roadblock / To tolerance”, if only the narrow-minded would stay in their boxes, away from all that threatens them, imagine the possibilities. Have a good weekend. ~ Mia

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