Perspectives: 126/365

eSpeak; The Buzz on Talk

“They can’t do this!!!”

“Why are parents always messing things up???”

“I hate school.”

“Sports are a right.”

“Music is right.”

“Fight back.”

“We are Taylorville!”

“We will get through this.”

“Who cares…?”

“Sports suck anyway.”

“Band is a waste of time.”

“Make sure we stick together.”



  1. Mia, sometimes I think those making changes in schools forget that we teach people. We are too concerned with the testing and not enough on the ultimate goal of helping people be successful after school. There is a ridiculousness to “schooling” and plenty of opinions to fuel the blog… Gearing up for a big week and hope all is well with you. -Chris

  2. Chris, I like “eSpeak; The Buzz on Talk” a lot. While the student don’t necessarily mirror exactly their parents or the parents, they do have varied perspectives as well. And like the parents the perspectives do seem to range between the extremes of apathy and concern. I read the comment above, and was struck by, “monitored on closely by government agencies”. I do understand funding is critical, yet I’m disheartened with the direction that education is heading, scary, who’s driving the car? Any time bureaucracies become involved common sense seems to be tossed out the window, and what the agency is designed to protect has long been forgotten. On a brighter note, have a terrific Sunday!
    ~ Mia

  3. I do remember parents being very surprised that not all parents shared their own views, that patents’ views on any given issue were many and varied, and that the school staff and trustees had specific requirements from the government that they were required to follow, and were monitored on closely by government agencies. It can be an ongoing circus.

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