Perspectives: 113/365

Meg Nichols (Art Teacher)

If they get rid of sports and music,
What’s next?
Home Ec, Art, electives in general???
There’s an assault on what is taught,
They are learning that education is disposable,
Only worth the cost
If there is an efficiency
In getting to the next place.
We have forgotten, no, stomped on,
The idea that we teach people,
That lessons aren’t simply right or wrong answers,
That school is devoid in the teaching of responsibility,
That there is more to a GPA that 4.0.
It’s a shame, too,
I have some great artists in my program,
They have talent and the art intelligence that is
More motivating for them than
Some sort of trendy educational movement
Or some politically designed program
To redistribute the funding for public schools and
The arts.
No, it’s about a lack of vision
Of the full
For each student.
It’s too bad that people are unable to recognize
That lessons come from everywhere, sports, music, and the arts.


  1. Mia, thanks for the comments but don’t give away the plot… Just kidding, of course, I love that you are able to see what’s happening in Taylorville. I’ve broken the year up into thirds and you are correct, the kids are coming. Be well…Sally Mann with my daughter Sunday…can’t wait… -Chris

  2. Chris, I like Meg Nichols. I like her philosophy, “lessons come from everywhere”. How true it this? I’ve been following along and I really impressed that you’re able to come up with a daily, “Perspectives”, they’re great, a microcosm of a much larger picture. I hope that education gets their act together, it really is all about the students and how they would best benefit. Am I allowed to say that? It might not be politically correct! Have a terrific evening, and a good week. ~ Mia

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