Perspectives: 106/365

Robert Woods (A Local Dude)

Back when there were strikes
In the mushroom farms,
I thought this town was done.
They started tearing down old buildings and
Replacing them with new ones.
There were no stores, no restaurants, nothing,
But a couple of barbershops
With long lines for a generic cut.

Then the open space got bought up,
The McMansions sprouted like shiitakes
In that hot mushroom soil.
Yuppies moved in and demanded
More from the schools.
The restaurants came back, Wal-Mart
Moved in, and a Great Clips brought
On-line registering.

Now, these chuckleheads are ruining things.
They argue about potential
That only exists in the dreams of
Those different kinds of mushrooms.
They figure their kids are about the best thing going,
Unable to see what happens when small pond fish
Get into the vast sporting ocean.
They need someone to blame.
Coaches are easy targets.
After this is over, perhaps they will have themselves to blame.

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