Perspectives: 105/365

Riley Parsons (Local Reporter)


The Taylorville school district will be without music or sports
if the district’s proposed budget cut goes through. “The savings
to the district will be significant and will help limit
the burden of taxes to fund the extracurricular activities,” said
Ralph Higgonbothem, school superintendent.

The cuts, framed as budgetary in nature are seen as an attempt
to quell a feud by two parental groups, Eight Bars and Music Friends
of Sports. The Eight Bars group has sought for the district to drop sports
as they feel their children, all athletes, are not being served by the coaches.
They suggest that the money would be better served in music education.

Conversely, the Music Friends of Sports is made primarily of parents in music
who believe sports and music are vital to the education
of all students. They are advocating that sports remain part of the
mission of Taylorville schools.

“Everyone gets upset when money gets involved,” added Higgonbothem.

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