Perspectives: 60/365


Ruby Brown (Coffee Shop Owner)

They are putting down music kids,
How wrong is their logic?

Sam Brown (Ruby’s Husband)

It’s not the way deals get done,
What are they thinking?

Inez Taylor (Realtor)

They are only hurting themselves,
People choose homes based on schools.

Horace Taylor (Inez’s Husband)

I just want to sell flowers,
Everyone has their opinions.

Olivia Holmes (Gynecologist)

This love of sports is too much,
How do they not realize that?

Jeffrey Holmes (Olivia’s Husband)

Coaches are only part of the problem,
Why though is music succeeding so well?

Amelia Pearce (PTO President)

The school offers so much,
Everyone is trying so hard.

Alfie Pearce (Amelia’s Husband)

I don’t have a dog in the fight,
I’d love to switch my primary crop.

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