Perspectives: 55/365

Sam Brown (Sales)

I was never much of an athlete,
Loved the game despite my lack of greatness,
But I have the bug to stay around sports,
So I do,
But my kid can’t play either.
She’s great on the clarinet,
Making the most beautiful sounds
I’ve ever heard
And these people who want to use music
As a wedge against their disappointment in their “sports” coaches
Are making me crazy.

I think I’m a pretty good judge of people
It’s kind of a necessary skill in sales,
I see bad people in that Eight Bar crowd
And I’ll do what it takes to keep sports in Taylorville,
I’ll do what it takes to get my daughter respect
Because the music kids work hard too,
They get yelled at,
And they turn out just fine.
It’s crazy to me that we think we are protecting our kids
With skin so thin.
Can’t wait to hear the band at the next game.

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