Perspectives: 41/365

What is it, though, the separates the competitors,
Those going against the auditory opponent,
Music, where rhythm and timing
Produce the sweetest sounds versus
Sports, where rhythm, timing, and brawn
Get turned against others
In an effort to score more points.

Some might say music is easier,
Notes don’t move,
Instruments don’t fight back,
But it’s obviously not that easy,
Squeaks, toots, and huzzahs aside.

Others suggest that sports are fools game,
Something unintelligent and the folly of brutes,
But if it were so simple,
All would be able to figure out how to play
Or what it took to be a great athlete.

Why there is so little respect
Between musicians and athletes,
Parents of each side,
The leaders of the respective troops,
And anyone else with an opinion?
It’s a shame, for both, really
Because both are hard to do.

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