Perspectives: 38/365

Average, though isn’t good enough
The math on wins, loses, and playing time
Of doesn’t match up the mean hard facts
In calculation of what’s important
For successful participation.

Too many think that average is the equivalent of failure.
Too many believe that failure is the end of the road,
Forgetting that resilience is the one truth
That all athletes must understand.

They learn how to handle criticism,
Hard-nosed or delicately delivered,
They learn how to live in the moment,
Forgetting the made shot or missed assignment,
And sometimes, teams and players take longer to get it.

Those athletes who don’t,
Get yelled at a little more, play less than others,
And have to make a decision about
Whether to change or continue in their
Mediocre ways.

Often, though, the arithmetic just doesn’t add up
For parents whose kids are on
The wrong side of the coaches equation.
This gang of eight, they want things to be better,
If not for their kids, at least their egos.

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