Perspectives: 32/365

Ralph Higenbothem (Taylorville School Superintendent)

Things like this happen all the time,
A family feels like the school district
Is not doing right by them,
They feel their money should go further,
That their needs are more than the
Needs of other families.

Sometimes they take the district to due process,
Everything gets resolved quietly,
No one is allowed to talk about the solution,
The services are kept as privileged,
And everything goes back to normal.

It’s a dance,
A game, no winners or losers,
Just help for the child,
Help that doesn’t upset the system.

This group, though,
These Eight Bars,
They have decided to make a public stand,
Striking out against sports
In the promotion of music.

I’ll get it to a back room
We’ll work without air conditioning, if need be,
But we’ll get a deal that preserves
What is good for kids.

Of course, I must answer to the Board.


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