Perspectives: 27/365

Swingers Continued (Friends at a Party)

Mark Watts (Grace’s Husband)

Maybe what needs to be done
Is finally time to be begun

Grace Watts (School Aide)

The sports program need to be put in place
With music pushed to win our cherished grace.

Scott Thomson (Amy’s Husband)

Our kids used to be so good at sports
Now they always fall just short.

Amy Thomson (Yoga Studio Owner)

At least in band their chance of getting hurt is less
And it’s better for their brains I guess.

Mark Dawson (Emily’s Husband)

So if we go down the road of change
People will think that our “music first” stance strange.

Emily Dawson (Working Mom)

Eff them, this is about our kids,
In a way the jocks with their brawn have forbid.

Jack Dean (Angela’s Husband)

From what I’ve seen
Aronimink had great greens.

Angela Dean (Stay at Home Mom)

I’m not sure I want to do this
We could be stepping into an abyss.

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