Perspectives: 26/365

Swingers Continued (Friends at a Party)

Mark Watts (Grace’s Husband)

Other districts win all the time,
We never win,
It’s got to be the coaches.

Grace Watts (School Aide)

None of the teachers even coach. Disgraceful.

Scott Thomson (Amy’s Husband)

What do the coaches know
I remember how good our son was in Little League
He got on base every time.

Amy Thomson (Yoga Studio Owner)

I worried that he would get hit in the chest.

Mark Dawson (Emily’s Husband)

I know what you are saying,
But I think it’s because our kids go
To a music-minded school

Emily Dawson (Working Mom)

Coaches and band leaders are the same. Band is better.

Jack Dean (Angela’s Husband)

I mean that ball soared perfectly,
A soft draw to the green,
One putt, birdie.

Angela Dean (Stay at Home Mom)

I’m not sure why everyone is so upset.

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