Perspectives: 25/365

Swingers (Friends at a Party)

Grace Watts (School Aide)

He laughed at a joke,
Can you believe it?
I sent him to the office.

Mark Watts (Grace’s Husband)

She deals with that stuff everyday.

Amy Thomson (Yoga Studio Owner)

My daughter told me
Cold air was blowing in the room.
They better fix it, someone will catch a cold.

Scott Thomson (Amy’s Husband)

That’ll keep me busy.

Emily Dawson (Working Mom)

I love the music program.
The sports suck,
Besides music is so much better for kids.

Mark Dawson (Emily’s Husband)

Yeah, I wish Taylorville was like it was when I went there.

Angela Dean (Stay at Home Mom)

I wonder all the time
Why sports suffer so much.
The kids are so good when they are younger.

Jack Dean (Angela’s Husband)

Did I tell you guys about my golf outing the other day?

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